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The Warriors Cage Mayhem

The Warriors Cage

Eagle Mountain Casino presents The Warriors Cage, an organization that brings the best of mixed martial events to the Central Valley. Come witness the best fighters from around valley bring you action packed MMA style fighting! Tickets are on sale now.

Adam Calderon    Vs.    Art Arciniega 

Anthony Figueroa    Vs.    Eloy Garza 

Cody Sons    Vs.    Jose Cabezas 

Ryan Reneau    Vs.    Adin Duenas 

Chilo Gutierrez    Vs.    Josh McCartney 

John De Leon   Vs    Anthony Parham 

Omar Reneau    Vs.    Tanner Marlo 

Michael Alonzo    Vs.    Carlos Hernandez 

Bonnie Birwell    Vs.    Kailan Hill 

Victor Rico    Vs.   Brice Gonzalez