$1,000,000 Pro Football Challenge


The Million Dollar Pro Football Challenge!

Beginning September 3rd through December 31st turn your fantasy  into Reality! EVERY WEEK, the top 5 guests with the most picks Sacks a share of TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS In Cash and Prizes! The guest with the most picks at the end of the season may win a chance at One million dollars!  Play Daily! Win Weekly!

Every Tuesday Summit Club will post the “Leader Board” showing the top five guests with the best results for the week and the top 5 guest will win:

1st Place- $1,000 Cash

2nd Place- $500 Free Play

3rd Place- $250 Free Play

4th Place- $150 Free Play

5th Place – $100 Free Play

At the end of the regular  football season (week 17) the top three guests with the most wins will be awarded:

1st Place- $2,000

2nd Place-$1,500

3rd Place- $1,000

At the end of the season qualifying guests may have an opportunity at $1 Million dollars! See Summit Club for Details.




Promotion Rules: 
1. In order to qualify for prize reimbursement, an eligible contestant must pick 210 winners of the NFL games presented throughout the promotion. 
2. The memory logs of the promotional software are the sole determinants of whether or not a contestant is an insured prize winner. Entry receipts and reports are used for informational purposes only and will not be considered in determining if a contestant is an insured prize winner. 
3. Odds on Promotion (OOP) is not responsible for late, misdirected, or incomplete entries. 
4. OOP is not responsible for any prize reimbursement resulting from configuration error or software, hardware, or machine malfunction. 
5. Tampering with the swipe play and win software or the games kiosk (s) is strictly prohibited. Evidence of any act or submission that changes the odds functionality of the Swipe Play & Win software or game kiosk (s) will cause a claim to be denied. 
6. In the event of a tie, there is a tiebreaker option, the person with the least amount of entries will be deemed the winner.