The Summit Club with Real Rewards

Press for Cash

Now thru October 29th Win a chance at $100,000 Playing PRESS for CASH at Eagle Mountain Casino!

Every Thursday at 7 pm And Sundays at 5 pm Starting in September, 5 lucky guests will be drawn to play Press for Cash and have a  chance to win $100,000! Earn Tickets by playing your favorite Slots and Table games with your Summit Club Card. Play Press for Cash Every Thursday and Sunday!

Press your luck at Eagle Mountain Casino every Thursday and Sunday and you can take home up to $100,000!


Game rules: 
1. Game is activated by Eagle Mountain Casino representative.
2. Once game has begun, the guest will be instructed to push "Stop" button to select a prize.
3. Guest will have the option to stay at that prize, or continue to accumulate more prize money. 
4. If the guest does not push the "Stop" button in time, the game will time out and will automatically land on a prize at the time. 
5. Guest may be able to try up to 3 to 7 time, however each guest will run the risk of getting a "Whammy," with means they will loose everything they have accumulated up to that point.
6. The guest will get to keep all prizes they landed on in total. 
7. If a guest gets a "Whammy," a consolation prize of $100 will be paid out.