Empowerment: to give authority or power to, enable, promote the self-actualization or influence

Ador Cardenas

Dept. 10 Marketing Manager

Demonstrated Core Value: Empowerment

ACT:   We would like to nominate Ador for Empowerment. Ador has gone above and beyond to help Maria and I achieve our goals. In February of this year, our manager at the time left on leave and made sure that he was available to help us however he could. He made sure we had the proper tools to be successful in our daily duties. Ador continues to help us grow and hit our goals. Anytime we have questions or concerns he is there to guide us in the right direction without hesitation or complaints. He never makes us feel as though we are bothering him and always encourages us to think outside the box. We have learned more in this past year thanks to the guidance we get from Ador. We want to thank Ador for helping us become stronger, more confident, and always being there to assist us when we need him. He shows great leadership!