Friendliness: showing kindly interest or goodwill, cheerful, caring, helpful, comforting, warm hearted

Maria Walker

Dept. 15 Cashier

Demonstrated Core Value: Friendliness

ACT: On Friday 6/6/21, it was busy during the lunch rush. Security Miguel had ordered his lunch and waited for what seemed like a long time. When he asked Cashier Maria how long his order would be his order was nowhere to be found. What happened was a guest had taken his order. Miguel had run out of time from his half hour lunch. Maria witnessed what had happened and she had already ordered her lunch which was a tri tip sandwich special. She could see Miguel was upset and was hungry since he had waited all that time. After receiving his refund for the meal he never received, Maria gladly gave Miguel her lunch and told him to go ahead and take it. Miguel accepted and thanked Maria, you can tell he really appreciated what she did. It was very sweet what Maria did.