Friendliness: showing kindly interest or goodwill, cheerful, caring, helpful, comforting, warm hearted


Andru Chavez-Fuentes


Demonstrated Core Value: Friendliness

ACT: As I was walking past ADMIN, there was an elderly lady that asked for help. Andru went to help with no hesitation. She was trying to get her walker out. She asked if she should move here car, but Andru told her no it was not a problem and that he would help her with her walker.

Marisol Magdeleno Friendliness Pillar Winer June 22

Marisol Magdeleno

Slot Shift Supervisor

Demonstrated Core Value: Friendliness

ACT: Slot Supervisor Marisol assisted a Spanish speaking guest when the Summit Club was closed for the guest to receive their birthday bonus. Marisol took the guest to the kiosk and was friendly and patient assisting the guest. Marisol stayed with the guest and provided explanations on the steps for the guest to get their bonus. The guest was pleased with Marisol. Good Job!

Kenneth Bagasol Friendliness Pillar Winner May 22

Kenneth Bagasol

Senior Technician

Demonstrated Core Value: Friendliness

ACT: I saw Kenneth push a guest in a wheelchair (Steven Hettinga) to his truck. That was great guest service.