Quality Service

Quality Service: The Degree of Excellence in the standard of service that exemplifies superiority, high grade performance and dependability.

Maribel Z.

Dept. 12 Benefit and Compliance Administrator

Demonstrated Core Value: Quality Service

What happened: COVID-19 tests and individual clearances have been required since Team Members have returned to work from the closure. This is an added responsibility to an already “full plate.” Maribel must reach each Team Member and give them their clearance to return to work. Sometimes the turn-around for results is quick; other times, it is longer. Sometimes the results come in during the regular workday. Sometimes, the results come in after hours or on the weekend. It doesn’t matter when the results come; Maribel always gets them and does her best to reach all of the staff so they can return to work. For example: She has returned calls at 6pm on a Saturday night, 2pm on a Sunday afternoon, and on a Friday night from her cell phone in her car in the Costco parking lot. Additionally, when she was too ill to come to the office, she checked out an IT laptop so should could continue to get emails and clear people from home.