Respect: an act of giving particular attention, consideration, high or special regard, being esteemed, deference

Rogelio T.

Dept. 03 Food & Beverage Supervisor

Demonstrated Core Value: Respect

ACT: Roger is always on the go and making sure that our department is OK. He is always caring and helpful. If he sees us struggle he will step in to help to make sure we go on the floor or get food done properly, quickly and out. When he checks on the stations, he communicates with us on updates, asking if we are ok, and if we need anything. When he sees us on the floor, he makes sure everything is going good. Within the time that he was out due to reasons, the employees on floor were ok, but we were semi struggling. He is really trustworthy on us, never questions us, and knows we get the job done. He is not a boss, he is a leader. He is well respected by most. So the way I would describe Roger, he is a caring, honest, appreciative, honest, and trustworthy person. Anyone who says different hasn’t really viewed the way he works with his fellow employees.