Respect: an act of giving particular attention, consideration, high or special regard, being esteemed, deference

Jaymoore Tamboa

Dept. 21 IT Technician 1

Demonstrated Core Value: Respect

ACT:┬áThere was a Team Member scheduled for a random COVID-19 test. This Team Member worked a graveyard shift that same day, went home, and forgot about their test that was scheduled 2 hours after their shift. Jaymoore was on his day off and he knew the Team Member was too tired to drive, so he picked up the Team Member from their home. Jaymoore then contacted HR to see if there is any other way the Team Member can complete their test. HR informed Jaymoore that the testing is still going on for another hour, and that the Team Member has the chance to make it to the casino. Jaymoore stated he will drive the Team Member to the casino so they can complete their test. They made it just in time. This situation was beyond Jaymoore’s responsibility. Yet, he called on the Team Member’s behalf, picked up the Team Member and drove them to the casino. He didn’t hesitate to help his fellow Team Member, even on his day off. Jaymoore’s quick action helped the Team Member avoid a NCNS on their test and up to a 1-week suspension. Excellent work, Jaymoore! Kudos Kudos.