Empowerment: to give authority or power to, enable, promote the self-actualization or influence

Cipriano O.

Demonstrated Core Value: Empowerment

What happened: A new team member confided in Cipriano that he was having difficult time with his schedule because his car had recently began having problems. Cipriano took it upon himself to look at the team members schedule and started scouting some solutions. In turn, Cipriano found a couple of options and began asking other team members if they might be able to assist the new team member with transportation temporarily while he got his vehicle serviced. He was able to arrange transportation for the days needed. The team member was ecstatic and very appreciative.

How the act exemplifies the Core Value of Empowerment: This was an excellent display of empowerment. Cipriano went above and beyond, and the team member was grateful. Thank you Cipriano.