Friendliness: showing kindly interest or goodwill, cheerful, caring, helpful, comforting, warm hearted

Tiffani S.

Demonstrated Core Value: Friendliness

What happened: On two separate occasions within a month’s span, the cage department has experienced tragedy in the form of a team member’s sudden death and the hospitalization of another. Tiffani has stood up and taken the role as the “contact/go to” person for both families in hopes to alleviate some of their stress. Tiffani stood up and took care of everything she could on the business side of things for the families, including benefits paperwork, FML forms, Heart Fund applications and donation efforts. Tiffani has been the link between the families and the Cage Department staff, keeping both parties updated on any/all information.

How the act exemplifies the Core Value of Friendliness: I feel like this is an excellent example of leadership. Tiffani stood up when things were too emotional for others. The assistance she offered the families helped to alleviate any further stress they were having and it also showed that the department/casino had a genuine care for the team members. She kept everyone updated and involved when any assistance was needed. Thanks Tiffani for all that you do and for being a great leader.