Welcome Back!!

WE ARE NOW OPEN!      24/7

Starting July 7, 2020 at midnight, the Casino will be a smoke free/vape free entertainment environment. Smoking and/or vaping will be allowed outside the casino, designated area is located at the exit leading towards the Event Center.




Before you make your plans please understand the following:

  • If you are not feeling well please stay home.
  • Call 800-903-3353 (Ask if there are any lines or wait times).
  • No Shuttle services from Lot 4
  • The Casino property will be enforcing an 18 and older policy, this includes Grizzly Food Court and The River Steakhouse. Please do NOT bring your children under 18 to the property for any reason.
  • We will be hosting at limited capacity, only 550 Guests will be allowed to enter at a time.
  • Guest’s temperature will be taken at the entrance of the Casino – this will be accomplished using no-touch thermometers. Please note this process may create lines during higher volume business hours. Once cleared guests will be given a colored wristband which must be worn at all times during your visit.
  • Guests are required to wear facial coverings and wristbands while on property – don’t forget to bring your facial covering.
  • Physical distancing measures will be in effect property-wide. Please respect and follow the new rules set forth to keep us all safer.



  • Entry and exit to the Casino is ONLY at the front entrance of the Casino. All other point of entries will be Emergency use ONLY.
  • There may be a line at the entrance of the Casino. Please be patient as we keep count.
  • Should you exit the Casino for any reason, including to go eat at the Food Court or Steakhouse, it will require you to get back in line to re-enter.
  • Wristbands and facial coverings are required to enter the Food Court and Steakhouse. If you do NOT have a wristband screening is required before entry.