Birthday Bonus

All Summit Club Members, in the month of your birthday, you can participate in a Birthday Bonus promotion!

You can now blow out your Birthday candles at the kiosk!

All Summit Club members, in the month of their birthday, can participate in the Birthday Bonus game on the Power Kiosk. Club members can win bonus cash in different ranges, based on their card tier level.  Qualified guest will receive a food voucher. This is a one (1) time, free birthday offer, valid the month of the Guest’s birthday.
Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond Summit Club Members will receive a $8 Food Voucher from the Power Kiosk during the month of their birthday, good to use at any food venue. Guests must use the Food Voucher, within 24 hours of being redeemed at the Power Kiosk.

Below are the ranges of bonus cash amounts that can be won by each tier level:

Ruby $5-$10
Emerald $10-$30
Sapphire $20-$50
Diamond $50-$100

To participate in the Birthday Bonus Power Kiosk Promotion:

1. Guest must visit one of the Power Kiosks located on the casino floor to play the Birthday Bonus game.
2. Guest will activate the promotion by swiping their card at the Power Kiosk and entering their 4-digit PIN number.
3. Guest will tap on the Birthday Bonus promotion to activate their one (1) time free birthday offer. The Power Kiosk will automatically begin the Birthday Bonus round and guest will get to select one (1) candle on the birthday cake to win a bonus cash prize.
4. Once the Birthday Bonus round has been played:

a. Bonus cash winnings will automatically load to their account.
b. Prizes are awarded randomly and are based on tier level prize ranges.
c. Bonus cash is valid for 24 hours from the time it is loaded to their account.



*offers can not be combined.