Coins Exchange Bonus

Now through December 31, 2020 you can bring your coins in and receive a bonus.

All Summit Club Members can bring a minimum of $20 dollars in coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars. US Money only) to the Cage in exchange for exact amount in cash and receive up to $15 bonus cash!

How to Redeem Offer:

  1. Summit Club Members  visit the Main Cage to exchange your coins with minimum $20 value. Receive cash with equal value, plus a copy of the transaction receipt.
  2. Coins being exchanged must be U.S. Money.
  3. Present the receipt at the Summit Club to receive bonus cash.
  4. Bonus cash will be issued as follows:
    • $20 to $39.99 in coins = $5 Bonus cash.
    • $40 or more in coins = $10 Bonus cash.

Guest can receive both offers once a day per account, maximum $15 bonus cash.