It’s Fri-Yay!! Come spend it with us starting January 6 through December 29, 2023!

Every Friday qualified Summit Club members can swipe their player’s card and win up to $175 in Bonus Cash!


Earn up to 3 swipes:

  • 1st Swipe         25 Slot Points
  • 2nd Swipe        100 Slot Points
  • 3rd Swipe         500 Slot Points

Slot points must be earned the day of the promotion from 8am to 11:59pm.

Bonus Game:

  1. Guest must earn up to 25-500 Slot Points.
  2. Once point Criteria has been met, a bonus offer will automatically activate on the PKMS promotional kiosk.
  3. Guest will swipe their player’s card and select the bonus offer to play a game.
  4. Guest will win bonus cash for each swipe earned.