Go For The Green

Beginning March 4, Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm, each hour 4 guests actively playing table games and/or slots with their Summit Club Card will be randomly drawn to each win $250 cash and $250 bonus cash. In the final hour, 4 guests will be drawn to select a golf ball card for a chance to participate in the bonus round. Guest playing the bonus round will have the chance to win $50,000 cash prize and receive an additional $500 cash!


1. Hot Seat Drawings:

a. Guests must be present to win and be actively playing with their Summit Club Card.

2. Employees, agents, successors, and assignees of Eagle Mountain Casino (Sponsor), its advertising agencies and promotional companies involved in this Promotion, as well as household members of all Summit Club and Marketing Department employees of the same, shall be ineligible for any prize covered.


1. Summit Club Supervisor or Summit Club Coordinator will call Surveillance and request coverage of the guests selecting the golf balls and the bonus round.

2. Four guest will be drawn each hour randomly using the Synkros System.

3. Summit Club personnel will announce each winner’s full name over the PA system in the order they were drawn.

4. In the 8pm hour, four guests will be randomly drawn. Each winner drawn must report to the Summit Club to participate in the bonus round.

5. In the event not all four guest report, the bonus round will continue with the winners present.

6. The guests have three minutes to report to the Summit Club to participate in the bonus drawing.


a. 4 Golf Ball Shaped Cards will be randomly placed on a table. Each of the Golf Ball will contain a sealed hidden message, and only one will have the message “Bonus”.

b. In the order the guest was drawn, they will each get to pick a Golf Ball Card.

c. Once all guest has selected a Golf Ball Card, the guests can open their hidden message.

d. The guest who receives the message “Bonus”, will get to participate in the final drawing for a chance to win the $50,000 prize.


a. A clear drawing drum will contain the winning envelopes.

b. The guest will be asked to put a glove on for safety.

c. The guest will draw one envelope for a chance to win the grand prize. In addition, the guest receives an additional $500 cash.

d. In the event, this guest is not available or unable to participate in this final drawing, they will be disqualified and there will be no final drawing.

2. See section SCA Insured Prize Rules for complete details. This section explains how the grand prize would be handled in the event it was selected.


1. Guest must have a valid ID and be a member of the Summit Club.

2. Summit Club personnel will maintain a list of winners throughout the promotion. The list will be turned into Audit at the end of each drawing.

3. Guest must claim their prize the same day their name was drawn by 11:59pm. If the winner does not claim their prize, it will be voided.

4. PAYOUTS (except the Grand Prize) are processed through Synkros System at the Summit Club.

a. To claim their prize, the guest must go to the Summit Club.

b. Summit Club personnel will verify the winners.

c. Summit Club personnel will use the Synkros system to:

i. To issue bonus cash prizes directly to winner’s account.

ii. For cash prizes, a voucher will be printed and given to the winner.

1. Cash Voucher must be redeemed at the main cage.

d. Synkros Detailed winners report will be submitted to audit at the end of each gaming day.


a. The Synkros system tracks these prizes and has limits built into this promotion.



Machine Malfunction:

· In the event of a system malfunction, Marketing Director or Summit Club Manager will be notified and will make the decision to reschedule the drawing to a later date or time.

· Guests, Casino Management, and Gaming Commission will be notified of this change.