Face Up PAI GOW Poker

Eagle Mountain Casino offers a head-to-head game with Face Up Pai Gow Poker and also offers the optional Fortune Bonus and Ace-High wagers. As inthe standard Pai Gow, each players and the dealer receive seven-cards, however in Face Up Pai Gow Poker the dealer’s cards are exposed.

With Face Up Pai Gow Poker you don’t pay 5% commission when you beat the dealer, but when the dealer plays Ace-High you automatically push.


To begin each round, make a standard Pai Gow wager. You may also make the Fortune Bonus and Ace-High wagers.


The Fortune Bonus bet wins if your best possible seven-card hand matches one of the payouts from the offered pay table. If you wager at least $5 on the Fortune Bonus, the dealer will place an “envy” button next to your bet. This qualifies you for an envy bonus payout. *See pay table for odds.


The deal pays any envy bonuses at the end of the round. If at least one player receives a hand that qualifies for Envy Bonus payouts, all players with envy buttons win. You can win multiple Envy Bonuses in a round, but you CANNOT win an Envy Bonus for your own hand or the dealer’s hand. *See pay table for payouts.


This bet wins if the dealer is forced to play an Ace-High Pai Gow. *See layout for odds.