Summit Club

Summit Club’s hours:
Monday through Sunday 8am-12am

The club with REAL payback was designed to give you greater value. With twice the reward points of any club in the valley, we’ve designed it so that you get more only at Eagle Mountain Casino!

MEMBERSHIP IS COMPLETELY FREE! As a club member you will receive special invitations to exclusive player events, plus receive special mail offers. The more you play with your club card the more you earn. Redeem your points for meals, merchandise, concert tickets, free slot play, free blackjack play and much more.


Members of the Ruby Level at the Summit Club receive benefits that include the following, based on play:

RUBY Tier Points — up to 4,999

  • Monthly Rewards*
  • Points for FREE Play*
  • Points for Dining*
  • Points for Merchandise*


Members that earn between 5,000 and 14,999 points qualify for the Emerald Level at the Summit Club. Emerald members receive all the great benefits of the Ruby Level plus the following:

      • Event Ticket Discounts
      • Exclusive Slot Tournaments
      • 5% Off Dining & Gift Shop


Members that earn between 15,000  and 34,999 points qualify for the Sapphire Level at the Summit Club. Sapphire members are among the very best and qualify for special perks. Sapphire members receive all the great benefits of the Ruby and Emerald Level plus the following:

  • 10% Off Dining & Gift Shop
  • Priority Dining Lines
  • Priority Cage Lines


Members that earn 35,000  points qualify for the exclusive Diamond Level at the Summit Club. You have reached the Summit! You simply are the best of the best and qualify for EVERY privilege and perk we have to offer!

  • Free Check Cashing
  • VIP Parking
  • VIP Birthday Dinner and Exclusive Parties
  • 20% Off Dining & Gift Shop



***Monthly Rewards and Offers vary based on carded play

What do new members get?

New members can get up to $10 bonus cash  ($5 for giving us a valid email address and $5 for giving us your cell phone number)! and will receive special discounts to different events throughout the year (based on points earned). You can also play for a chance earn to win up to $1000 Bonus Cash ( Visit the Summit Club for details)

What do I get for my birthday?

Summit Club members who are Sapphire, Emerald or Diamond Tiers will receive a  food coupon at the promotional kiosk. You can also now win bonus cash prize ranging $5- $100 in bonus cash. Prizes are based on tier levels (visit the Summit Club for details).

What are Points?

Points are earned as you play Slot machines or Table Games with your Summit Club Card.

How do I Earn Points?

Slot Machines – $6.00 of Coin-In = 1 Point
Table Games – Points are earned based on the game, time played, and average bet.

Point Value

Every 200 Points Earned with your Summit Club card equals $5 in Bonus Cash or Amenities.

Rapid Rewards

Summit Club members can redeem their points at the gift shop and all food outlets by simply presenting their ID and Summit Club Card to the cashier.

What is Bonus Cash?

Bonus Cash is free play on your favorite Slots. Bonus Cash is distributed by giveaways, bus tours, special events, direct mail, and various other promotions.

Slot Machine Free Play Download

  1. Insert card
  2. Press Money Icon (Icon will only light up if you have free play available)
  3. Select the arrow pointing to the available Free Play you would like to use
  4. Enter Pin Number and press the green checkmark to continue
  5. Enter the amount you would like to play and press the green checkmark to continue
  6. Press Yes to Confirm Amount
  7. Enjoy your Free Play



  • Member’s use of the Summit Club card indicates acceptance of the
    conditions of the Summit Club.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Only one member per account.
  • Valid government-issued photo identification is required when applying for
    membership and may be required for Club-related transactions.
  • Membership benefits and points are non-transferable.
  • Eagle Mountain Casino is not responsible for untracked play due to player
    negligence or improper insertion of the Summit Club card.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to properly insert their Summit Club card into
    the slot machine card reader or present their Summit Club card to Pit
    person before playing.
  •  Management reserves the right to adjust any point balance resulting from
    malfunctions, operational errors and/or fraud.
  •  Membership in the Summit Club may be revoked or cancelled at the
    discretion of Eagle Mountain Casino without notice – members must
    surrender the Summit Club cards upon request.
  • Summit Club accounts with 12 months of no activity will be considered
    inactive and all unredeemed points and comps will be cancelled.
  •  Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the Summit Club immediately.
  • Duplicate cards will be issued with proper identification.
  • The Summit Club card is only for the personal use of the individual to
    whom it was issued. The card may not be used by any other party and is to
    be used in accordance with Eagle Mountain Casino policies. Any other use
    may result in immediate revocation and loss of any outstanding privileges
    and benefits.
  • Multiple cards may be issued for members who want to play multiple
    machines at a time. However, members distributing their cards to other
    players may have their membership revoked and all remaining bonus cash
    and privileges surrendered.
  • Points earned on slot, video poker and keno machines are used in the
    determination of eligibility for Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire or Diamond status.
    Adjusted, promotional or bonus points are not included.
  •  Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire or Diamond status can also be obtained for
    Table Games and Poker play. Eligibility is based on several factors
    including the game played, average wager and/or time played.
  •  Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire or Diamond Card membership status is valid for
    a twelve-month period.
  • Rules for specific promotions may vary (see Summit Club for specific
    promotional details).
  • Team members of Eagle Mountain Casino who have been issued a
    permanent badge are not eligible for Eagle Mountain Casino promotions.
  • Barred or excluded members are not eligible for bonus cash/bonus
    chips/free play offers, promotions or jackpot winnings.
    Management reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any