Appreciation: sensitive awareness, recognition, an expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude


Emma Haro

Food & Beverage

Demonstrated Core Value: Appreciation

ACT: I am nominating Emma for Respect and Appreciation! Every time I see Emma, she greets me with a smile and asks me how I am. When she makes my food, she takes extra time to make it perfect, make sure it is not messy etc. She knows what my favorite foods are and if they are out of something she will let me know before I order. There is a significant difference in the way she prepares my food compared to others, so much so, that sometimes I will choose not to order if she is not there. I appreciate her diligence and feel that she respects my needs and cares about what I want. Thanks, Emma!

Federico Gonzalez Appreciation Pillar Winner June 22

Federico Gonzalez

Vault Cashier

Demonstrated Core Value: Appreciation

ACT: I was needing some help moving heavy objects in the office. Without any hesitation Federico volunteered to move the boxes and desks for me. I was very appreciative of Federico because I recently had a procedure, and he knew I couldn’t be moving these things. Thank you, Federico, for all you do.

Lisandro Sandoval Appreciation Pillar Winner May 22

Lisandro Sandoval

Slot Assistant Manager

Demonstrated Core Value: Appreciation

ACT: On 5-20-22 we (SLOTS) were almost out of TITO Tickets for the entire floor. We were able to get some emergency TITO tickets. Lisandro drove to Las Vegas and back in the same day so we could have them for the weekend. Tito tickets are printed out of the slot machine for currency in the casino. Without them the casino floor would crawl to a minimum. “Thanks Lisandro”! For being a leader.