Appreciation: sensitive awareness, recognition, an expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude

Rosa Lopez

Dept. 10 Marketing Coordinator

Demonstrated Core Value: Appreciation

ACT: We would like to nominate Rosa. She helped Maria with decorations and has worked long hours to make our casino look very presentable. She also helped with decorations and has moved her regular work hours to help Maria make things possible. Without Rosa’s help, Maria would’ve been struggling to get things completed.

Maria Benitez

Dept. 10 Marketing Assistant

Demonstrated Core Value: Appreciation

ACT: We would like to nominate Maria Benitez for Appreciation. She has worked hard to come up with decoration ideas for our Casino’s celebrations in the past months. Our 25th anniversary was all month long. She worked every day to make sure that all the balloons on our casino floor were constantly aired up and looking presentable throughout the month. She also went above and beyond to make sure our Porterville Chamber Mixer was nicely decorated (just a side note, we could have hired someone to come in and decorate, but she said she was willing to do it and save our department money). She spent 10 hours working on the decorations and helped anywhere else she thought she may be needed without being asked. Maria is a hard worker. We appreciate all she does.