Teamwork: work done by several with each doing a part, contributing to the efficiency of the whole, collaboration, cooperation, coordination


Ralph Macias

Table Games

Demonstrated Core Value: Teamwork

ACT: I came back to work after missing 2 weeks thinking of how much I must do when I return. Ralph Macias took it upon himself to restock the gloves, make copies of our daily paper works for all shifts, preplan the week by documenting scheduled dealers and covered my shift and his. I would like to recognize his selflessness, hard work and dedication.

Jenna Chavez Teamwork Pillar Winner June 22

Jenna Chavez

Retail Supervisor

Demonstrated Core Value: Teamwork

ACT: Over the last few months, the Retail Department has been working on bringing its own cashiers into it’s department. Part of that was cross training our retail clerks as cashiers as well. Jenna took it all very seriously and went above and beyond what I asked from her. Training herself with other cashiers and volunteering to work as a cashier if the department needed one. Jenna has always been a person to be helpful and offering to do extra knowing that it would help others by doing so.

Rosemary Herrera Teamwork Pillar Winner June 22

Rosemary Herrera

Food & Beverage Supervisor

Demonstrated Core Value: Teamwork

ACT: My supervisor Rose went out of her way to help June 23rd. I was by myself after coming back from COVID and was swamped with a lot of work. I was behind on a few things and without asking for help, Rose helped me out with a task. Doing what a supervisor should.

Tony Ortega Teamwork Pillar Winner May 22

Tony Ortega

Cage Supervisor

Demonstrated Core Value: Teamwork

ACT: We had a machine malfunction through 2 shifts, no one knew how to fix it. When Tony came on shift, he volunteered to look at it, he ended up pinpointing the problem and was able to get it running after performing a couple of maintenance applications. This was a tremendous help to the department, and truly appreciated. It saved us from any further down time on the machine, and from having to call out a field technician. Thank you, Tony.