A Year of Jackpots at Eagle Mountain Casino

Hundreds of Guests walked away with extra money in their pockets as Millions in jackpot prizes were won at Eagle Mountain Casino in 2014. 444 Guests walked away from the Casino having won a jackpot that ranged anywhere from $5,000 – $100,045.

Over half a million dollars in jackpots

The spirit of giving is still in full swing at Eagle Mountain Casino where $644,399.00 in jackpots have been awarded to several lucky guests this month. Jackpots ranged between $5,000 – $50,000.

$40,125 Jackpot at Eagle Mountain Casino

Sunday Fun day took on a new meaning as one lucky guest walked away with $40,125 in their pocket. The Guest was playing our 777 Diamond slot machine early Sunday morning when they hit the mega jackpot. Another guest hit a $12,500 jackpot while playing the 5 x 10 x slot machine within the same hour as the larger payout.

Another $40,000 Jackpot at Eagle Mountain Casino

Congratulations to another Eagle Mountain Casino guest from Bakersfield, Ca who won a $40,000 jackpot on Saturday March 7th. The Jackpot hit just 5 days after a previous guest hit $40,125 on March 2nd. The latest jackpot was

$1.1 Million Jackpot at Eagle Mountain Casino

The Luck of the Irish has made its presence known this month, as a very lucky and humble Guest struck a $1.1 Million Dollar jackpot Tuesday, March 10th at Eagle Mountain Casino. Mrs. Harriet Mellinger of Shafter, Ca who is

Guest Hits $65,000 Jackpot

A lucky Guest at Eagle Mountain Casino got to take home some bragging rights along with thousands of extra dollars after