(Eagle Mountain Casino, Porterville, CA 93257) – The People’s Casino introduces Chef Manuel Carbajal, Food and Beverage Supervisor of The River Steakhouse. Carbajal plays a significant role in ensuring the kitchen and his team stay in tip-top shape. Having been with the Casino for 11 years, he has brought many positive changes to the Casino and is excited about the growth that has been made thus far.  Carbajal discusses his time at the Casino, where he first started in the food and beverage department while also taking classes to advance his knowledge in the culinary arts. After taking several courses and gaining so much experience thanks to his time at the Casino, he was given the opportunity to promote to Steakhouse Supervisor, a position he held for five years before again being promoted to Steakhouse Chef.  During his time as the steakhouse chef, Carbajal has had the chance to experience many fantastic and exciting opportunities. One of those opportunities is the ability to showcase his cooking skills live on KMPH’s Great Day. A morning TV segment that airs once a month to promote the Award Winning River Steakhouse, where Carbajal cooks for all the fantastic casino guests.  When discussing the Casino relocation, Carbajal was excited to share the many positive aspects he and his team are looking forward to. Firstly, is the new kitchen; when asked about it, he states, “The kitchen is going to be big and beautiful, but will definitely be an adjustment for the team,” he continues, “We will all need to cook together in the new space and figure out the new flow of things, but I’m sure once we are really in, we will all be able to adjust in no time.” Teamwork was a word he often used to describe the kitchen’s dynamic. He knows he and his team a more than capable of taking on the challenge.  Secondly, Carbajal is looking forward to the new team members being added to the food and beverage department. He discusses the interviewing that has been done so far and the training that is currently taking place. He states, “Currently, both my sous chef and I oversee all training with the new hires. Not only are we preparing them with their culinary skill, but also how to manage the large volume of guests coming into the Casino.” With the Casino’s relocation, it is anticipated that there will be more traffic coming through, not only regular guests but additionally new guests hoping to get a look at the closer and more expansive Casino. More new hires are still being brought on the Eagle Mountain Casino team. If you would like to be part of the Eagle Mountain Casino family stop by the Visalia Convention Center on September 14th for an opportunity to join the team! Carbajal is confident in navigating the food and beverage department and is excited about what is already in store for the Casino and its guests. Currently, Carbajal is preparing new and exciting recipes to add to the new menu for the Casino. Although he cannot yet reveal what those recipes are, he said it would most definitely be something to look forward to!  Currently, Eagle Mountain Casino is located 17 miles east of Porterville and is a full-service casino owned and operated by the Tule River Tribe. Guests must be 18 years of age to enter. The Casino is open 24/7. In addition, the Grizzly Food court is open 24/7, and the River Steakhouse is open Friday – Sunday from 5pm – 10pm. Eagle Mountain Casino is a short drive from Bakersfield or Visalia.