Recent Rain and Snowpack Still Does Not Help Tule River Reservation with Water Issues

(Tule River Tribe, Porterville, Ca 93257) – PORTERVILLE, CA – In August 2022, Tule River Tribe Chairman Neil Peyron called on the California Legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom to assist the tribe with its immediate water crisis. And now, during the recent rain and snowpack, Peyron is calling on awareness again that the Tule River Reservation’s water issues are still unresolved.“Unfortunately, you would think that the recent rain, precipitation, and snowpack on the reservation would help with the Tule River Tribe’s ongoing water crisis during the drier times of the year, but it does not,” said Peyron. During the Summer and drier times, Tule River Tribal leaders organized donations of bottled water for Tribal members. However, the water is only available for drinking and cooking, forcing some Tribal children to miss school and adults to miss work because they cannot bathe or wash laundry.“We have no way, no right, and no ability to store the water flowing from the recent rain and snowpack. The water is flowing through, the river is full, it’s a beautiful sight, but that water is just flowing right by. There is no place to store it, and there is no storage facility other than Lake Success near Porterville. Yet, they have their floodgates open to prepare for the runoff from the other tributaries, the middle and north fork of the Tule River,” said Peyron. Tribal leadership has worked for decades to address water issues that face the Tule River Tribe. As a result, the Tule River Tribe is close to securing a long-term solution to its water issues through a water rights settlement agreement with the US Department of Interior. However, the federal agreement takes time, and the tribe needs assistance now. In the interim, the tribe also asked the state earlier this year for short-term assistance. Specifically, the tribe asked for $6.6 million to upgrade the existing reservoir and water treatment facility. Since that request, one of the wells on tribal land has gone dry.“Moving forward, the Tule River Tribe is still pushing with its legislation to provide a reservoir on the reservation, so during this time when there is an abundant amount of water, to store that water so that we can use that in the drier season to provide drinking water, to provide for fire suppression and to provide for wildlife that lives on the reservation,” said Peyron. Located East of Porterville, the Tule River Tribe has more than 1,900 members, with more than 1,500 residents living on tribal land and hundreds more looking to move to the Reservation. The tribe has lived on the Reservation since it was established in 1873 in Porterville, Ca. The Reservation covers more than 85 square miles of rugged Sierra Nevada foothills. The Tule River Tribe recently celebrated its 150th anniversary of sovereignty on January 9, 2023. Tribal enrollment is just over 1,900, and the Reservation spans approximately 55,356 acres. The Tule River Yokut Tribe operates the Tule River Health Center, Justice Center, and many tribal services within the Reservation. The tribe also owns and operates gas stations, restaurants, and other entities under the TREDC (Tule River Economic Development Corporation). For more information on the Tule River Tribe, please visit


Lucky Bonus Round Jackpot of $92,891.85 at Eagle Mountain Casino

(Eagle Mountain Casino, Porterville, CA 93257) –   Eagle Mountain Casino is now celebrating its Grand Opening, and lucky guests are winning record-breaking amounts of jackpots in the opening month of the new location off Highway 65 next to the fairgrounds in Porterville. On June 1, 2023, lucky guest Richard from Tulare Hit it BIG on the Wonder 4 Boost Gold slot machine. Richard was down to his final spin with only $11.32 left when he hit the bonus round, triggering all 15 buffalo heads with over 100 free spins, and took home $92,891.85 on a $6.90 bet. Richard said he has


Another Big Jackpot! 100k Winner at Eagle Mountain Casino

(Eagle Mountain Casino, Porterville, CA 93257) –   Eagle Mountain Casino lucky guests are winning record-breaking amounts of jackpots, including back-to-back Jackpots in the same week totaling close to $200,000, all in the first days of June at the new location off Highway 65 next to the fairgrounds in Porterville.  On the morning of June 3, 2023, lucky guest Carlos from Bakersfield, CA hit a $100,754.26 jackpot on the Tree of Wealth Prosperity slot machine with a bet of $4.40 on a 5-cent machine. Slots continue to payout at Eagle Mountain Casino as they are still in the first official


Los Tigres Del Norte Headlines Eagle Mountain Casino’s First Public Concert in New Event Center

(Eagle Mountain Casino, Porterville, CA 93257) – The legendary, award-winning, internationally successful regional Mexican music group Los Tigres Del Norte will perform at Eagle Mountain Casino’s new 2000-seat state-of-the-art Event Center for the first public concert on Saturday, June 24th, 2023. During their more than 44-year career, Los Tigres Del Norte has recorded over 55 albums, with more than 700 songs. They have sold over 30 million copies, with 140 platinum, 135 gold, and one diamond record. In addition, they have participated in more than 16 films and have been nominated 15 times for the Grammy Awards, which they won

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